What is Science

Since our present knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is Science based it’s a good idea to know what Science is.

What is Science?

An incredibly simple but powerful way to explore and understand our universe.
Science is basically a huge collection of knowledge as well as scientific methods that we use to gain that knowledge.  Scientific methods are basically simple but powerful steps or rules for gaining knowledge about our universe.  The specific steps or rules vary depending on the investigation being done, but here is a basic outline of these rules.

  1. Find something that interests you, a “problem” or something you want to know more about, and ask one simple question about it–  the more specific the better.
  2. Get creative and formulate a hypothesis (an educated guess) that might be the answer to your question…  make it a guess based on what you already know—  keep it simple, testable, and falsifiable (Any idea that can’t be tested or that can’t be proven wrong is not scientific).
  3. Find a way to test your idea.  This might be a laboratory test, or a prediction based test, or some other observation/evidence based test to see if your hypothesis is either supported or not supported by evidence.
  4. The findings from your testing should get you closer to understanding the original thing you were curious about and will often lead to other questions that you might want to investigate.  If so, go back to the beginning.
  5. Keep track of what you learn and share it with others so that knowledge is gained by all of us.

There are a few things that good science and good scientists have in common.

  • Confidence:  We need to have the confidence to question what is known and to be explorers of the not yet known.
  • Objectivity:  All good scientific knowledge is observation based in one form or another and good researchers take pains to make sure that observations are done without bias (controls, double blind experimentation, and peer review help here).
  • Humility:  Basically as scientists we have to be ready to be wrong.  If our observations show us that we were wrong we have to accept that we were wrong and then update our knowledge accordingly.


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