What is Human Anatomy & Physiology

What is Human Anatomy & Physiology and how are they related?

(Anatomy = structure)
(Physiology = function).

 (video:  What is Anatomy & Physiology)

Human Anatomy & Physiology is the study of the structures and functions of the human body.

Anatomy and Physiology are related in that “form follows function and function follows form”— in other words, the anatomy/structure of a given part allows for its physiology/function and the functions required from a given part dictate its structure (without the right structure that part won’t do its job).

Example: The anatomy of the human hand (4 fingers, 1 opposable thumb, various bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments) allows for its functions (grasping objects and manipulating them in intricate ways). In order for the hand to perform its functions it must have the anatomy that it has.

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