Integumentary System — Race is a cultural construct

Taking a scientific perspective human “races” really do not exist.  There is only a relatively small amount of genetic variation in our entire species, and most of that variation is seen within what historically think of as “races.”  Human “races” did not develop genetically, they developed culturally due to an unfortunate tendency of humans to view other human groups as just that…  as “other” and that “other” as something to be suspicious of, or worse.  The tragedies that have followed this very human miss-perception  include race based slavery, holocausts, and wars. In reality we are all one human race and there are actually few differences between us as a whole.  For a more complete analysis of what “race” is …   AAA statement on race

One of the major things that I myself take from this is that, as one human race, everything we humans have done belongs to all of us, every one of us.  The down side to this is that slavery, holocausts, and wars belong to us all.  The up side is that great art works, scientific innovations, agricultural advancements, social advancements, technical advancements, medical advancements, etc.  they also belong to all of us.  It’s empowering to think that the good things that great people like Gandhi, Sappho, Einstein, Martin Luther King Junior, Ibn al-Haytham, Issac Newton, and many others have done belong to all of us.  I believe that as a people and as individuals we need to own both the good and bad that we humans have done and be thoughtful about the decisions we make going forward.

Let us keep moving forward knowing that we belong to one human race.  Let us challenge and help each other to plan and to achieve a better world for ourselves…  for all of us.


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